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Our service adapted to professionals


Cocotte et Coquette is an event styling company based in the Gers - in Occitanie.

The company offers all the services that are involved in a wedding ceremony or any other type of celebration to professionals. We also support you in the design of your events, business spaces or whatever your needs. The options are endless.

cocotte et coquette décoration évènem



Corporate diners




Shop windows

Launch of new products

What are your intentions?

Promote the launch of a product?

Enhance the display of your shop?

Style your gala or corporate dinner?

Provide a theme for your seminar, create relaxation areas, and a space for photos.

We are happy to create a unique decor for you.

cocotte et coquette décoration évènem

How can we support you ?

Amandine, event stylist, takes charge of decorating your event or space according to your initial requests.

We do everything in our power to meet your needs.

The way we see things.

The most important aspect of the plan is the initial intent and having determined the objectives the outcome will be unique

The primary intention is to highlight your world, your uniqueness.

To create this, Cocotte et Coquette provides you with its stock of furniture and decorative objects.


Amandine is very friendly and attentive and offers a superb choice for the decor of each event! I highly recommend her!

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