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Private event decoration services

Your special celebrations.

We prepare for you the decor of your beautiful moments of family life.

Decoration service for private events

Intimate times for two

A romantic dinner, a birthday, some good news to announce, a special occasion - you name it…

We love to decorate these intimate events, make them beautiful, especially for you.

Times with friends

How about decorating a hen party or a stag do, a birthday, or a baby shower and make it memorable for everyone.
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 Sharing times

There are moments in life worth reliving such as renewing wedding vows.

The aim is to bring together friends and family to celebrate your love, life. The possibilities are endless

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Whatever your reason to decorate we are here to help and make it stress free.

Our expertise and that of our business partners allows us to meet your every need.


We have a mad desire to discover your ideas to work with.

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